Saturday, January 05, 2008

Romney crushing all comers in Wyoming Primary

How much money do you think Mitt Romney would pay if he could have Wyoming as the first primary?

He is smoking all his rivals, but Wyoming is so darn small no one pays much attention.
I'm sure Camp Romney will spin it as a comeback and Huckabee and McCain will spin it as 'Wyoming had a Primary?', but as for the media, no one is there, no live trucks, no live newscasts from Casper, no interviews with the Carhartt clad cattle ranchers and school teachers.

Hey, I'm sorry Wyoming, your home to Darth Vader, I mean Dick Cheney and you know how much the media hates the Vice President. So go back home throw another few logs on the fire and get warm, you did your electoral duty and that's all we can ask.

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