Saturday, November 26, 2005

Abramoff, the black plague of the GOP, ensnares a local.

Will it be Grand Jury time for Rep. John Doolittle or just an amended FEC disclosure form and a slap on the wrist? It seems as though the story contradicts itself in two paragraphs.

Doolittle's name surfaced in the probe when the Washington Post reported late last year that the eight-term congressman from Roseville- a Mormon and staunch opponent of casino gambling - used Abramoff's luxury sports box in a Washington arena to host a fundraiser and then failed to report its value, as required by law.

he Post pointed to Doolittle's use of Abramoff's skybox as an example of how the lobbyist used such perks to cultivate connections with influential lawmakers as he sought to further the interests of Native American clients who owned casinos. Doolittle subsequently paid back Abramoff's firm for the use of the skybox and reported it on federal disclosure records.

So which is it? Did he report the use of the skybox or not? If he did, was it after the deadline? What gives?
Abramoff, the gift that just keeps on giving,,,,,to the Democrats.


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Roseville Conservative said...

What was that first comment!?

I have blogged on this skybox thing before, it is a dead issue.

Ralph said...

But if it contributes to your continued ascendancy....

Yolo Cowboy said...

Ralph, do you think that is his way of saying I must be high?

The mission of the Starship Roughstock is its continued ascendancy......

Can I be Captain Cowboy?