Saturday, November 05, 2005

Take your children outdoors this fall.

My son was exited earlier this week when his friend told him about a youth sporting clays shoot held today just up the road near Dunnigan. The event was held at Raahauge's club in the beautiful rolling hills of hungry hollow. Most of this land has been farmed for grain crops or grazing land since the turn of the century, but recently the vineyards have been gobbling up these rolling hills for wine production.

The morning was brisk and clear, just like November should be. At 7:00 we broke up into groups and headed for the shooting stations. Raahauge has a great little clays course and the kids, mostly 10 to 14 years old, started slinging lead at the little orange discs that proved to be quite elusive. 10 stations, 10 rounds per station equals a lot of sore shoulders, but most of them showed off their red marks like a merit badge.

The adults offered help and tips but did not shoot, all the clays and ammunition were provided free of charge. Some of the kids, are fantastic shooters, I would have trouble posting a better score than a few these crack shots. After a full morning of shooting lunch was ready, again no charge, and we turned back towards headquarters.

A great time was had by all. Fun and safety were stressed throughout and my son and I will be back to Raahauge's for a few pheasants and chuckers this fall.

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SactoDan said...

I used to shoot sporting clays all the time and still own a Browning over under. Let's go shoot!