Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Parisian Intafada

Ah Paris, city of lights. The very cutting edge of culture, political correctness and societal integration can't hide it's warts any longer. The city in particular, and the nation in general , is becoming a battleground between the secular French and Muslims who do not want to integrate into French society. That and 22% unemployment rate in this socialist utopia doesn't make for productive citizens. The rate grows to almost 40% in second and third generation immigrant communities. Sounds like the west bank doesn't it?

Here is the problem summed up by Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy
After a crisis cabinet meeting on Saturday, he said: "We are trying to be firm and avoid any provocation.
After 10 days of riots and over 1000 cars torched and schools burned the French Government have issued 'strong warning" to the Muslim youth.

What exactly did John Kerry hope the French would do to help us in Iraq?
They could head up the "Department of strong warnings"

I wonder when France will ask for UN peacekeepers to save the city from ruin?


Roseville Conservative said...

Great Story!!!

I was going to post on this tonight, but I am going to use a different angle...

Good Job!


SactoDan said...

So much for socialism. This is the same socialism that fills the vision the Democrats have for America.