Monday, November 07, 2005

A fork in the road

As we learn more about the counter-terrorism raids in Australia many people hope that American efforts can be as successful in preventing another 9/11 style attack here at home. At the same time John McCain is on every television show decrying the Presidents handling of terrorists suspects. He just doesn't get it.

We are at war with radical Islam, not a signatory state of the Geneva Accords. These people are not in uniform, do not follow any military code of behavior, these are murderers who are sawing innocent human beings heads off for crying out loud. If McCain has his way, I guess that the detainees can just give their name, rank and serial number, oh that's right they don't have any rank or serial numbers or country for that matter.

For all the elites speeches and editorials written about 'we have to show the world how decent and well meaning we are' crap, we need to look at the threats that face our nation and defeat it by any means, even ones that make our liberals go squishy.

We are at fork in the road, one path is fighting terrorism without anyone dying or making the Arab street and the Europeans mad, this path is gentle slope down hill. It looks easy and inviting. The other path is a rocky path that winds up a mountain, it is a very hard path, it is filled with obstacles, pitfalls, sacrifice and will take patience to see to its end.

These paths lead to two very different places. The easy path winds up at the edge of cliff where you hope you can see the edge before you plunge to your death. The harder path ends in victory.

We have had these choices before in our history, the hard paths have their memorials, the easy path has its memorial too.

Which one will we choose?


SactoDan said...

Islam needs to step up and take back their religion. Otherwise as the examples of misbehavior increase in the name of Allah, it will become more and more difficult to distinguish the ''peaceful'' members from the radicals.

Tex said...

Who can make war with the Beast?

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