Saturday, November 12, 2005

Good news for the GOP?

Say it aint so.

After a month of unrelenting bad new, could there be a glimmer of hope?
The RNC is kicking the crap out of Howard Dean and the DNC in the fund raising arena. Two to one.
The former Vermont governor and presidential candidate took the chairmanship of the national party eight months ago, riding the enthusiasm of grass-roots activists who relished his firebrand rhetorical style. But he faced widespread misgivings from establishment Democrats, including elected officials and Washington operatives, who questioned whether Dean was the right fit in a job that traditionally has centered on fundraising and the courting of major donors.

Now, the latest financial numbers are prompting new doubts. From January through September, the Republican National Committee raised $81.5 million, with $34 million remaining in the bank. The Democratic National Committee, by contrast, showed $42 million raised and $6.8 million in the bank.

The big questions is whether Dean will be in his seat as the mid term races get started in 06'. The democrats smell blood in Bush's low poll numbers and they want to strike while the iron is hot. They cannot afford to let what they see is the chance to cripple the Republicans next year and set up Hillary in the White House and democratic control of the Congress in 2008. For that to happen, they need money, lots of it. If Dean is an obstacle to that end, he will be sent packing by the Clintons and the old gaurd, who still hold the power on the left. The DNC may have been sold a bill of goods by the kook-left, who told them Howard Dean was an innovator and with his grass roots internet driven campaign savvy, the money would roll in.


We just learned a hard lesson in what big money lies can do in a campaign here in California. If the DNC cannot flood the air with lies, they do have a fall back position, the Unions and Moveon billionaires can take up some slack.

Thanks Senator McCain.


Roseville Conservative said...

I think that the DNC ran out of Kool-Aid...

GNN Staff Writer said...

Howard Dean is a gift that just keeps on giving.