Sunday, November 06, 2005

How many calls did you receive this weekend?

Three and counting for me.

"Hello , this is the Governor, blah blah blah"
"Teachers police and firefighters are counting on you, blah blah blah"
"This is Judge Wapner, blah blah blah"

Just a few of the many 'canned' calls I have received this weekend. Do these calls work? They must, or some one is spending a few million dollars and getting little in return.

Do these 'canned' calls influence you?
Do calls from a real person influence you?


Roseville Conservative said...

As a seasoned campaign activist, I know first-hand that live phonecalls work with devastating results. I have seen the teacher's union get their tails kicked repeatedly because of grassroots activists getting out on the streets going door-to-door and little old ladies calling Republicans, chasing down their absentee ballots.

As to the Taped Phone calls, they only work if they are HIGHLY specific. In Placer, after our GOP Central Committee decided to cross the state Party and go No on 77... taped phone calls were sent out to every registered Republican in our County urging them to buck our Central Committee and stay yes on 77. I'd hazard a guess that those will work.

Thirdly, I have not received any calls because I vote Permanent Absentee and I vote early. Saves my mailbox and my voicemail a lot of crap.

There is some inside baseball for you YC! Courtesy of RC!!!

Tex said...

Random numbers and/or # and * will quickly end the message and usually go to a voicemail. Sometimes you can get lucky and hit the password, and change the message.


DirtCrashr said...

The taped calls don't work for us. I/we (wife also) have gotten so tired of Media run-up electioneering, negativity, and propaganda-spin that we've chosen the absentee ballot method in order to ignore all the crap they spew forth during elections - this year we went Permanent.
Vpote YES on 75 and 77!

Fool 4 You, Baby said...

My recent experience with a "canned" call:
"Hello , this is the Governor,... click (I hang up.)