Monday, November 21, 2005

Dead Cat Alley goes artsy fartsy.

For anyone who can not find a parking space on Main Street in Woodland, you can always backtrack up Dead Cat Alley to try again. People who see the street signs for the first time chuckle and say ' you've got to be kidding me '

Nope. Dead Cat Alley is as tacky as Woodland is, but some people can't leave well enough alone.
Woodland is trying to throw off it's rather unrefined image for one a little more cultural and artistically aware. Good luck with that yall'
Gay also would like to incorporate public art in both Dead Cat Alley and Dog Gone Alley. Four historic markers, four ceramic cats and one trademark metal cat are now in place in different locations on Dead Cat Alley with nine more ceramic cats to be put in place between now and May.

The cats now in position are perched on rooftops and rafters, the creation of artist Gary Dinnen. Dinnen has been commissioned to complete the set as part of the Woodland Art Center's Dead Cat Alley Nine Lives Project and its Art in Public Places program. The life-size ceramic cats are also partially funded by the Community Development Block Grant program.

The artist said he wants people to smile when they unexpectedly come across one of his cats - like the devil cat with horns that can be seen on the patio behind Ludy's Main Street BBQ, perched in the rafter at 666 Dead Cat Alley.
PETA should open an office there.
666 Dead Cat Alley, Woodland CA would look great on their stationary.


Anonymous said...

Heh -- I remember the first time I noticed the name on that alley.

I guess it's reassuring that they're not just plain renaming it.

Roseville Conservative said...