Friday, November 18, 2005

Memo to House Democrats - America smells what you are shoveling.

I love the mock indignation that Democratic members of the House are bathing in tonight. How dare the Republicans make them vote on what they keep saying the President should do. If it's such a great idea, vote for the immediate withdrawal of our troops. Cindy Sheehan and all the folks in the fever-swamp left with the "bring them home now" bumper stickers may give you two thumbs up, but the rest of America, or at least an overwhelming majority, will start boiling the tar and plucking the chickens.

Surrender may be acceptable to the French and the anti-war crowd, but the stakes are too high to quit now when real progress is being made in Iraq. You may not hear about it in the press, but think about it. If I told you on September 12, 2001 that by November 2005, the Taliban would be crushed and out of power in Afghanistan, most of the top al qaeda leadership would be dead or in custody, Saddam is sitting in a Baghdad jail awaiting trail, the Iraqi people have voted in huge numbers for an interim government, a constitution, and will be hold election in a month for permanent democratic government, all for the precious price of 2000 dead, most of you would take that deal. Oh and as a bonus, no terrorist attacks in 50 months here on our soil.

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My understanding is that only 3 percent of Americans want an immediate withdrawal.