Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where do we go from here?

Straight to hell on a greased pole would be the logical conclusion, but I just want to touch on a few points.

The Governor will put the cap back on his veto pen, permanently. I can't see any issue that he would veto with his election coming up in a year. He will head straight for the center. He knows one thing for a certainty, he cannot trust conservatives in California, so why fight for them?

Gay marriage? sure. Drivers licenses for illegals? Done. Just change a few words so I can claim it is not the same proposal I vetoed last year. I am the new bi-partisan Govenator!

Republicans need to get their poop in pile. (ie, get your $*!@ together)

Perfect is the enemy of good. In a perfect world, we would only have very conservative representatives, this my friends is not that world. For the base of the Republican party, Schwarzenegger was not 'our guy'. Most of us wanted McClintock, but knew he was not going to get 51% of the vote in California. So we got Arnold. From a pure policy standpoint, he has done well. Vetoed gay marriage and illegal's driver licenses and stood up to the powerful public employee unions. Not a bad record at all. We let him down.

Conservatives remind me of a professional sport team that quit playing for their coach. He isn't a players coach, I don't like his offence, I am not getting my minutes, he's not one of 'us'. Meanwhile, the coach is out there in front of the cameras, answering all the tough questions and defending his team. The players don't respect the coach, so when the team fails, they want the coach fired.

One last item before my soapbox collapses. The one item can lay at the Governors feet is the lack of a defined message from the beginning. When he ran, he said he would fix our State. We elected him, and he did some good things. Then he asked the citizens to vote for his bond to cure the patient. We did. Now he asked us to vote again for his propositions to 'really fix' the State. He went to the well one too many times.

I hope you are ready for Governor Angelides.
Think back to November 2005 when he is getting sworn in.


Ralph said...

Straight talk, Cowboy. Doolittle, McClintoff and their ilk have Shanghaied us all.

Sacramento Republicrat said...

Great post Cowboy! I think Arnold is realizing just how tough it is to get his initiatives passed.

Governor Angelides???

Scary...but you may be right!

Roseville Conservative said...

McClintock was head of Prop 76, Ralph.

Doolittle will be taking his medicine for years over this.

1380 KTKZ Hogue Show said...

It's what I've been saying for the past two days...we castrated the governor!

Get ready to pay taxes people, the Unions, the Dems and the liberal legislation will roll out of the Beast over the next year.

KTKZ Mornings

SactoDan said...