Friday, November 04, 2005

Local politics

I have been a very busy camper as of late. My son's basketball season started on Tuesday and we have been shooting hoops and going to games most of the week. I must confess I have been posting more humorous items this week because the rest of the crew at Western Alliance have been following the special election very closely. If I find something they have missed, an unlikely event, I will post it.

My thoughts turned to the election of my local school board members. Although my children do not attend the public school here in Esparto, I am very interested in the schools, after all, I am paying for it. I dropped into a public Q and A session held last week with two of the candidates running. Janine Gnoss and Diane King sat in front of a twenty or so folks, and two current board members, to field question about topics ranging from teacher tenure to high school football. Both candidates are novices in politics and their answers showed it. They speak in generalities rather than getting into policy and procedure. While I don't know either of the two personally, I have to say Janine Gnoss will get my vote, as will her two running mates Diane King and Allison Lucero. Listening to Helen Voss, the incumbent talk about it how its impossible to do this and impossible to do that, I conclude that maybe it is not impossible, just hard and may take a fresh look and better communication with the teachers, parents, and State.

If they do a good job, I may actually send my children to the school that I am forced to pay for.


Roseville Conservative said...

Good Post YC!

This is what you are supposed to do... when candidates speak in generalities, run them out of office.

Red-Flag alert...

pappy said...

RC you'er right. When they start to whine its time to go.