Monday, November 28, 2005

Sin City? Not on my watch.

I am going to Las Vegas to personally clean up that den of iniquity, one block at a time.
On second thought, I may not have enough savings for bail after the first week. I believe I have just enough to clean up about 6 pi gow tables at Harras before I am incarcerated beyond my ability to post bond.

Well, while I am there, I guess I will fall back to plan B. The National Finals Rodeo is held in Vegas every year and I have been told it is a hoot. The trip is a gift from the Yolo Cowgirl on the occasion of my fortieth birthday.

If there is a low grade riot on the strip next week, you will know its me.

Pepper spray is for sissies, you better have a tazer coppers!


Roseville Conservative said...

You Go YC!!!

Have a good time at the Rodeo...

fetching jen said...

Stay at the rodeo - don't venture anywhere near the strip. Ick. It's gross, the people are gross, excess everywhere, facades everywhere you look... it's overwhelming.

I had to attend a family wedding there otherwise wold not have gone. We have no desire to go back. It's just a creepy place.

Ralph said...

In your ongoing search for continued ascendancy, I hope the Star Trek exhibit is still running.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Cowboy -- and have fun!