Friday, November 11, 2005

Remember to thank a veteran today.

My friend Rich is a veteran of the Gulf War, he served on the Mighty USS Missouri. We were co-workers one time at a company that did not observe Veteran's Day. It used to drive him nuts that he was working while State and local government employees were taking a paid day off. I agreed with him, that the least an employer could do was give veterans the day off as a paid holiday. I am sure that more than a few of our co-workers would think of this an unfair to them, but then again, those kind of people go through life in a quest to find unfair treatment both real an imagined.

I have a call into Rich this morning wishing him a Happy Veteran's Day. He owns his own business and I am sure he is working hard as usual. Maybe he will get his work done early and play 18 this afternoon. I hope so. He deserves it.

If you are a veteran, I want to personally thank you for your service. If you carried a rifle and stood a post or if you drove trucks or loaded planes, you have served your nation in a way that I did not, and looking back I regret that I never did.

Remember those who served today.


pappy said...

Thank you Cowboy. I know how your friend feels. I'll be at work today

Roseville Conservative said...

YC - Don't feel bad about not serving.

I still have nightmares about my time in the Service. I am only five+ years your junior (35 in February)... some people think that with all this new technology that killing people in the line of duty is now a video game.

I had to be restrained by 6 people after that comment and the owner of the cafe' where we were eating had to escort that former friend of mine out of the cafe'.

I never saw "Real" combat, just the war on drugs. Think people don't die doing that? Think again, those scumbags that are preverting our children are bad news.

Again, thanks for your post.