Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

Bill Frist should resign as Senate Majority Leader. If Frist does not have the courage to stand by his party and his President, we don't need him. More to the point, we cannot afford to have him in a position of power. It well past the time for the good doctor to grow a spine.

Senator Tom Coburn gave a great insight into the thinking that went on behind the scenes on today's shameful vote in the Senate. In a great interview with Hugh Hewitt, Coburn calls Frist to account.

HH: So now, given...if you see John Warner in the hall tonight, Dr. Coburn, what are you going to say to him?
TC: It's really Frist. It's not John Warner. It's really Frist.

HH: Explain.
TC: This is a leadership thing that was put forward to counter the amendment by the Democrats. And it's one of those unfortunate things when you say well, we'll take the lesser of two evils, when you should have stood up and said we're not offering an alternative. We think this is wrong. We should have stood up and spoke on it. But that wasn't the case.

HH: All right. You know what? I've got to correct the record. John Thune voted against this, too. I misread that, and I'm so glad to hear that. Why is it only the freshmen are getting this? Not only, but mostly. It was you and DeMint and Burr... TC: Because we're connected to the American people.
HH: That's interesting. Explain that.

TC: And the longer you're in Washington, the less connected you are.


Ralph said...

Frist is a dead man. He has refused to lead and to learn from day one. Apparently he thinks that looking like a Democrat will enhance his Presidential ambitions.
Serving in the Senate is like Alzheimers.

SactoDan said...

If we don't like spineless overspenders who do we support.

It is getting difficult to ascertain which party is which.