Thursday, October 27, 2005

10 most hazardous jobs in America

Supreme Court nominee not included.
CNN compiled a list of the most hazardous jobs they are;
1 Timber Cutter
2 Fishers
3 pilot& navigator
4 Structural Metal Workers
5 Driver-Sales Workers
6 Roofers
7 Electrical Power Installers
8 Farm Occupations
9 Construction Laborers
10 Truck Drivers

I have worked in 6 of those jobs! I am lucky to be alive. But then again, I did walk into The Stag Bar in Woodland on Punk Rock night after branding cattle all day. After a few 'slam dances' to get to the bathroom, they left me alone.

I have my own list, you probably have some suggestions, let me know.

1 Ted Kennedy's passenger in a moving vehicle.
2 A friend or business associate of Bill Clinton.
3 Siegfried or Roy.
4 Anyone dating Tawny Kitaen.
5 Anyone dating OJ.
6 Anyone dating Robert Blake.
7 Hillary Clinton's personal trainer.
8 Louis Farrakahn's press secretary.
9 Girls on a cruise with the Minnesota Vikings.
10 Air America's financial backers.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Great blog!! I loved your list of 10 much more than CNN's. Especially the Ted Kennedy one. How the people of Massachusetts continue to re-elect him is beyond me.

Roseville Conservative said...

This post is hysterical!!!

Oh Mama... great stuff...

pappy said...

Thanks for making me smile tonight.