Friday, October 28, 2005

Rule number one, don't lie to the FBI.

Rules are broken everyday. Laws are broken almost as often, by you and me and everyone else with a pulse. It seems that Scooter Libby was loyal to the Vice president and the administration to a fault. After Joe Wilson lied about being sent to Niger, Libby wanted to defend his boss and defuse the story Wilson was telling about the yellow cake controversy. Wilson was pretending the Vice President sent him and didn't like the report he came back with, back in the real world, it was his wife who sent Wilson to Niger seemingly to discredit pre-war intelligence presented by the White House. He never issued a report, he went straight for the press to get his fable into the news cycle.

Wilson should be the villain here, and would have been, if the Scooter would have called any of the 200 Washington reporters he speaks with on a weekly basis and told them "The Vice President categorically denies that he sent Joe Wilson to Niger to investigate the possible purchase of yellow cake by the Iraqis. He hasn't spoken to Joe Wilson and would like to know where he got his orders to go to Niger" Let the press do their job, if it is not happening fast enough, just wait a little longer. If the press doesn't run with it, you have made your statement, and that is the best you can do.

If the indictments are true than you can follow the story to see that Libby wanted to get the real story out more than he wanted to obey the law. Back to rule one. Don't lie to the FBI, ever, its a felony.

I know that most on the GOP side are twisting in their seats right now wanting to scream, where was the press when Clinton was lying? Life is not fair, Washington certainly is not fair, and politics is anything but fair.

If you want fair, go to the Olympics.

Just watch out for the German female swimmers...

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Free Agency Rules said...

I quit watching the Olympics because the Socialists block nations always voted for their person and aginst ours. It was soooo obvious.

Watergate people got in trouble because of the coverup not the break-in.

Clinton got impeached not because of his fling with Monica, but because he lied about it.

Margaret Steward got sent to jail not for Insider trading, but for lieing about it.

There is a lesson to be learned by the above, ya think?