Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Internet - we invented it, we built it, we control it.

Al Gore aside, the US built what became the internet. Now that it has become a dominant force in the distribution of information and commerce, we should turn over control to a world bureaucracy? No way Jose.

Do you know what is driving the internet's explosion? Profit. If you can make it go faster, you can make a ton of cash. If you can let people communicate better, more cash.
Only the Euros would think that government control of something that changes at the speed of technology could be regulated and controlled by a multi national bureaucracy.

Stupidity, plain and simple.
The United States and Europe clashed here Thursday in one of their sharpest public disagreements in months, after European Union negotiators proposed stripping the Americans of their effective control of the Internet. The European decision to back the rest of the world in demanding the creation of a new international body to govern the Internet clearly caught the Americans off balance and left them largely isolated at talks designed to come up with a new way of regulating the digital traffic of the 21st century.

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Roseville Conservative said...


Makes sense why the Pinkos in Europe want to socialize the internet...

It would effectively eliminate you and my blog, and anyone else who is conservative...