Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bush - Cheney - Halliburton join forces to cause Pakistan earthquake!

The earthquake in northern Pakistan seems to be quite terrible. I have serious doubts about the death toll numbers running so high so fast. Reliable news should start coming out by Monday and my hope is for far fewer confirmed deaths.

The people at Al Jazeera have already started with the "Government response delayed" reporting. Most of the Al Jazeera-English staff are from the BBC so its no wonder they are following the CNN playbook. If you don't like the administration, blame them for everything.
Shortly before government relief started to trickle into the town, anger peaked when a group of people attacked the Aljazeera television crew thinking they were from a government news agency.

Survivors keep asking: "Where are the government and relief agencies?"

There are more than 140,000 relief organisations in Pakistan, but no one seems to know the extent of the damage in this area, which seems to be the hardest hit.
I do hope the cave Bin Laden has been hiding in has collapsed. I don't usually wish death on people, especially on Sunday, but I can't help myself when it comes it Bin Laden.

How long until we hear reports from mosques around the Arab world that the Pakistanis got what they deserved because of their administrations support for Bush?
I give it one more day.


SactoDan said...

More like Allah collapsed the area as retribution for Al Quada's support of the wanton slaughter in Iraq where average Muslims are trying to form a Democracy and the terrorists have been killing them. Clearly divine retribution.

Well OK, that won't fly, but CNN, FOX et al have lowered the bar pretty low when third world countries now expect aid to arrive in hours after a major caltalysmic event.

Talk about exporting American culture.

Craig DeLuz said...


Don't give away the plan!!!!