Sunday, October 16, 2005

How bout them Cowboys!

I can hear the keyboards burning up around the Western Alliance, flaming me due to my undying allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys. I know, I know, this is 49er or Raider country, but I have been a Cowboys fan since I first saw Roger Staubach with that star on his helmet. My mother is a 49er fan. I remember she used to yell at the television that she would bake a cake for John Brodie if he would win the game, especially if they were playing Dallas.

I don't have Direct TV, so I can't watch all the games, but today after church I stopped off at the Graduate in Davis. They have 30 screens and I found the Dallas-NY game in the fourth quarter. I had a few tense moments when the Giants tied it up, but the pokes prevailed.

While I am at it, how bout them White Sox?
As an Oakland As' fan I was not upset by watching the Anaheim-LA-Disneyland-Orange County Angels loose to the pale hose. How bout that Sox bullpen? Well, I guess they will be rested for the World Series.

In closing, I must add that it was great to see Tony" I am a PETA supporter" La Russa get tossed from the NLCS game tonight and his club loose to the Stros'.

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Roseville Conservative said...

I didn't know LaRussa was a Commie!?

To Hell with him, go Astros.

I am rooting for the Astros to win it all, Chicago is a liberal wasteland. Houston, on the other hand is not.

BTW... Thanks for your comment on my blog, that was major cool.

God Bless Cowboy...

Your City Boy Friend...