Sunday, October 02, 2005

What a wonderful morning of praise and worship.

I have been to Arco Arena many times for various events. Kings games, trade shows, I even had the privilege to see Billy Graham when he came a few years ago. That being said, I have never left the arena in a better mood with my spirit lifted so high.

Come Together, is a worship service where all five Bayside Churches meet in one place and fellowship with one another. From the home church in Granite Bay to the South Sacramento church, all were there and lifted their voices in praise. The music was truly fantastic, if you are looking for the best in Christian music today, you would have look hard to find someone better than Lincoln Brewster. Lincoln and all the bands and choirs from all five churches put on a first class show. The highlight of the event had to be the sermon given by Bishop Sherwood Carthen from Bayside of South Sacramento. I have only been to three predominantly black churches for Sunday service, and I must say, I love the enthusiasm and emotion from the congregation and the Pastors.

Bishop Carthen's sermon on " Following Jesus without embarrassing God" was terrific. The main point that I came away with is that people who are looking for a relationship with God are not interested in some Christian's list of dont's and thou shalt nots, they want to see the Lord working in your life.

What has God done for you? Were you perfect before you became a Christian? How can God use a person like me? These are the questions they want answers to. We Christians can put on a mask of perfection and condescension. These are not only sinful to God, but poisonous to non believers looking for a relationship with Jesus. We all fall short of the glory of God. From my sin to your sin, to the sinner living on the steppes of Mongolia, Jesus died for all our sins. I am no better than you or anyone else on this planet, we are all in need of God's grace.

The bottom line. God uses broken and imperfect people for his purpose and his glory. Praise God for that, because I am broken and imperfect. He can recycle you and I into something of great worth.


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