Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'll subscribe to the Sacramento Bee again..

When you pry the mouse and keyboard from my cold dead hands.

After canceling my subscription from the Bee last year, I have been receiving calls urging me to renew.

Today's call caught me in a feisty mood. The woman on the phone was very professional and when I told her that her paper was far too biased toward liberal positions for me to ever consider renewing she went to her script.

"Sir, did you know that during the last election almost 40 % of the candidates the Bee endorsed were conservative or independent?"

"Thats nice", I said. "How about this, when you fire Anita Creamer and stop running Paul Krugman's column, I might reconsider my decision."

"OK, thank you Sir, have a nice day.

"You too mam."


poster said...

It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.

Mark said...

Same here, but they offered me three months free. The lady could hardly believe I'd turn down something that was free for so long. I told her to report to her masters that I no longer needed the Bee for news, and that if they wanted me back, they needed more reporters, commenters, and editorialists who think like me.