Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Definitely R rated post

I usually don't get a chance to listen to Rush during my day, however today I was on the road and was able to listen to the entire show. One of the items rush was talking about was a man in Seattle who died after having sex with a horse.

Yes, a horse. I didn't get the details until now and I am not sure I want to know them....
A Seattle man died after engaging in anal sex with a horse at a farm suspected of being a gathering place for people seeking to have sex with livestock, police said Friday.

The horse involved in the incident was not harmed, and an autopsy of the unnamed man concluded that "the manner of death was accidental ... due to perforation of the colon,"” a police spokesman said.

The 2005 Darwin Award winner for sure.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Evolution at work. That certainly isn't intelligent design. :-)

Yolo Cowboy said...

The part not mentioned in the news story is his buddy was filming the whole thing.

Just like the Paris Hilton videos, I will be happy never to have seen them.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Seriously, at least that freak is out of the gene pool.
The poor horse. It's going to need therapy for years. :-)

pappy said...

used to be the saber tooth tiger ate the stupid people. we just dont thin the heard fast enough