Saturday, October 15, 2005

Decompression Days

Spring and fall are busy times for cattle ranchers. Most ranchers in northern California calve in the spring, wean the calves in the fall and send the steers to market. A friend of mine called and asked if could lend a hand vaccinating and working his herd this weekend. I agreed because I enjoy working cattle and I enjoy the time spent after the work is done, sitting around the yard socializing with his family. My wife and daughter came along, so we loaded two horses and my daughters pony in the trailer.

Most of the family was there, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. I enjoy talking with his Grandfather. He is in his 80s and can't ride his horse very much, and I think that is what gets to him most. A cattleman without a horse is a sad thing indeed. We talk about his service in WWII, he was in the Navy in 39' and served on destroyers mostly until the 50's. He is not the grumpy old braggart down at the local bar who will tell anyone just how much action he has seen, no, he is the quiet type. He enjoys people and children, but he can also look right through you if you step out of line. His wife is a wonderful lady, always pleasant and ready with a great meal when the work is done.

I call days like this 'decompression days'. They make me forget about work and the world and my troubles. Tomorrow as I go to church, hopefully I will have an uncluttered mind.

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