Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Cowboy Critic

My wife called me at work yesterday to ask if I wanted to go to the movies later that evening. I was in the middle of pouring concrete but told her that since I worked through lunch, I should get free an hour early. But when the mud is flowing, it is the master, so I was unable to get home early.

After a quick shower and a quick dinner out, we sat down to watch Dreamer. The story is about a horse, but more than that, it is about a family, failures and redemption. Dakota Fanning stars with Kurt Russell, Elisabeth Shue and Kris Kristofferson. Ben Crane (Russell) is a horse trainer who buys a racehorse to save it from being put down after it breaks it leg in a race he told the owner she should not run. The story is based on a real filly, Mariah's Storm, who came back from a broken leg to win and to raise another champion, Giant's Causeway.

The movie also speaks to failure, lost dreams and the courage it takes to believe when no one else does. Fanning is great, Elisabeth Shue is lost in the background of the movie, but gives a solid performance. Kristofferson steals a good portion of the movie with a quiet but powerful role as Pop Crane. Kurt Russell shows real depth in a role that others could have been played over the top.

Sure, its a simple family movie with no sex violence or cursing, but when was the last time you took the whole family out for a movie that was not animated? I would recomend Dreamer to everyone, even my 12 year old "cool" son said it was good. That is a pretty strong endorsement.

I give it three stars out of four.


quicksilver said...

That movie struck me as a "chick flick" when I saw the preview for it. I don't particularly have anything against such films, but I'm not really a fan of them, either. I guess I'll keep it in mind for a date movie though. Thanks for the suggestion!

I watched "Serenity" (finally) and would highly recommend it as a family sci-fi film, but for a single scene where one of the female characters references masturbation. Plus there's some mild violent images and fighting. Oh, and corpse desecration. Come to think of it, it really probably isn't a family movie... but I still highly recommend it! It was actually more action than violence... if that makes sense.

Mark said...

3 stars our of four for kids, 1.5 for adults. Nice family film, but not really endearing.