Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not just a pimp for fascism but one of its prostitutes as well.

Christopher Hitchens shows George Galloway how the cow ate the cabbage.

He slams Galloway and the anti-war left who held him up as a shining example of someone who would tell the Americans how arrogant they are.

Too bad he was up to his tighty whities in Oil for Food money, giving Saddam a huge payback, and putting a few hundred thou in his and his wife's pocket.

It seems he should have funneled a few bucks into Teriq Aziz pockets, he may not have dropped dime on George.

1) Between 1999 and 2003, Galloway personally solicited and received eight oil "allocations" totaling 23 million barrels, which went either to him or to a politicized "charity" of his named the Mariam Appeal.

2) In connection with just one of these allocations, Galloway's wife, Amineh Abu-Zayyad, received about $150,000 directly.

3) A minimum of $446,000 was directed to the Mariam Appeal, which campaigned against the very sanctions from which it was secretly benefiting.

4) Through the connections established by the Galloway and "Mariam" allocations, the Saddam Hussein regime was enabled to reap $1,642,000 in kickbacks or "surcharge" payments.

Yet this is the man who received wall-to-wall good press for insulting the Senate subcommittee in May, and who was later the subject of a fawning puff piece in the New York Times, and who was lionized by the anti-war movement when he came on a mendacious and demagogic tour of the country last month. I wonder if any of those who furnished him a platform will now have the grace to admit that they were hosting a man who is not just a pimp for fascism but one of its prostitutes as well.

That is going to leave a mark.


pappy said...

Its time he joins his buddy Saddam in prison, He can pimp himself there.

Roseville Conservative said...

Whoa, Mama!!! That was awesome...