Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A court case you should follow.

Here is a feisty 70 year old Greek that the feds should not mess with.
"We have an American citizen who buys land, pays for it with his own money, and he moves sand from one end to the other and the government wants me to give him 63 months in prison," the judge said. "Now, if that isn't our system gone crazy, I don't know what is."

But he is not a man to be pushed, as even his supporters concede. "A less principled man would have backed off long ago to close the deal, putting expediency ahead of property rights," Gregory T. Broderick, a lawyer with the Pacific Legal Foundation, which is backing Mr. Rapanos, wrote recently. "But Rapanos didn't build a successful life by giving in."
This case will be one to watch, especially if you own property. Maybe it will take the footing from under the Kelo decision.

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