Sunday, October 23, 2005

Labor Unions get a seat at the table. Literally.

Labor Unions have too much influence in the Capitol?
Say it aint so.
Sacramento -- At an April 13 meeting of a state Assembly budget subcommittee, two executives with California's prison guards union enjoyed an unusual vantage point as the committee discussed the state's corrections department.

Instead of sitting in the audience or at a table where bureaucrats or interest groups typically sit to testify, the members of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association were positioned on the raised dais -- spots normally reserved for lawmakers.

Department of Corrections administrators found themselves looking up at the union representatives, who sat alongside the assemblyman running the meeting.

The article in the Cron is actually a fair piece, they do get their digs in at big business. When ever I see a story critical of labor unions, I think back to in interview of Daniel Weintraub by Eric Hogue. I couldn't find the text, so I will paraphrase. Weintraub said that the Sacramento Bee's editorial board likes big labor but they think the unions are taking too much money from the State, money that should go to more liberal, social causes.


Roseville Conservative said...

No Surprise here...

rightsideblogger said...

And people think that "Big Business" has too much money?!!!!