Monday, October 10, 2005

Bush and Blair are Nazis?

Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector turned High Priest in the Order of Moonbats, called the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain Nazis.
A former chief UN weapons inspector has compared Prime Minister Tony Blair and George W Bush, the American president, to the Nazi war criminals who started the Second World War.

Scott Ritter, a former US marine, said the US and Britain's "aggressive warfare" in Iraq was similar to German actions in Europe 66 years ago.

"Both these men could be pulled up as war criminals for engaging in actions that we condemned Germany in 1946 for doing the same thing," he said.

Nice Scott, real nice. I bet you are the bell of the ball in the Manhattan social circuit. Cindy Sheehan seems to think he is brilliant. That is the official Moonbat seal of approval these days.

Is he trying to become the front runner for the next Nobel Peace Prize?
It seems that all you have to win this prize is bad mouth the US, or try to swing the US presidential election to John Kerry.


Roseville Conservative said...

I am in my office rolling on the floor laughing!!!

Murky Thoughts said...

If you say someone brushes his teeth like Hitler, so what? Is comparison to everything that Germany did 1932-1945 off limits? You're a sensitive guy and that's very touching, but history does have stuff to teach us.