Wednesday, September 07, 2005

4 Things that will become apparent when a full review of Katrina is complete.

1 Mayor Ray Nagin did not follow his own evacuation plan. A complete failure.

2 Governor Blanco's turf fight with the White House and FEMA will be seen as one the main reasons why Federal relief was delayed. The Red Cross hasn't faired much better with Blanco.

3 The corruption in the City of New Orleans and Louisiana will be exposed.

4 FEMA should not be under the Department of Homeland Security.


SEO said...

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Sonya said...

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pappy said...

Yolo Cowboy thought I would leave you a legitimate comment. I think you are correct on all counts. The corruption in that city is was beyound fixing.
ps. and you are making good job!
sounds like there should be a comrade after that;)

Ralph said...

I think your points are right on. What I question is the villons being held accountable. A recall of Blanco would be a nice sign although I think she is at the end of her term.

Roseville Conservative said...


Did you know that Blanco turned back a Red Cross convoy that was loaded for bear!?

Blanco just couldn't give up control to the Feds for fear of getting shown up. Wow!

Free Agency Rules said...


Right on!

Those truly responsible will not be held accountable because they are favorites of the MSM and the "Blame Bush for Everything" Crowd.

P.S. how did you get spam comments with word verification? Does it not help?