Sunday, September 18, 2005

The French worker, an endangered species.

A 35 hour work week, 13 weeks of paid vacation, what are we, slaves? How dare you want us to work in these sweatshop conditions...
We'll go on strike.
Hundreds of Hewlett-Packard employees walked off the job Friday to protest planned job cuts by the U.S. maker of computers and printers.

The largest of three walkouts was at the company's Grenoble site in southeastern France, which drew several hundred employees led by local officials and Mayor Michel Destot.

"Grenoble needs Hewlett-Packard, but Hewlett-Packard doesn't need Grenoble," Destot said
The Mayor makes a great point, for the other side. HP doesn't need you, so you strike?
Great thinking. Why not ask for a raise and another week of paid holidays?
Maybe I don't understand Euro-think.

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