Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Robert Mugabe hates white people.

Why would you remove at gunpoint the only citizens in your country that are capable of feeding it? Ask the far left dictator Robert Mugabe. He has amended the constitution of Zimbabwe for the 17th time to take all remaining property rights away from white farmers. He is giving the land to black farmers, especially his friends and those who grease his palms. How are the new 'indigenous farmers' doing with their new found land? Sending one third of the population into starvation. Socialism, mixed with reparations and racism is a terrible recipe for a nation.
About 3,500, or 90 per cent, of white commercial farmers have been forced out by Mr Mugabe and his cronies since 2000. Irrigation systems are broken, rich land is fallow, most dairy cattle have been eaten and hundreds of thousands of Africa's most skilled farm workers have fled abroad or are unemployed.

Zimbabwe was a net exporter of food but now depends on imports and the United Nations says up to four million people, or a third of the population, need emergency feeding.
At what point do you tell your people you don't have anything to eat because we hate white people?

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