Friday, September 30, 2005

I don't even own a pornograph....

I want to see if the ACLU files a suit in this case.

Woodland has one less 'stop and rob' selling porn. If the landlord doesn't want you selling porn, buy your own market where you can pedal your 'marital aids', or just sell groceries like your sign says.

The one thing that made me think was the fact Manmohan Deol was making more money selling porn at the Market than she will be in her new business cashing checks. Will the City of Woodland use Eminent Domain to take the store from its owner and give it to Deol because she could bring in more tax revenue peddling porn?
Deol says she has her rights as well.

"What about my conscience to view pornography? ... I swear to you that I intend to sell you pornography again," she said. "Free choice should be available."

She says she has abided by city ordinances in selling adult products. She sold everything from adult toys to X-rated videos amid a store full of beverages and snack items. Men and women - many of them middle-aged - would buy the products, she said.

"I haven't had an issue with society about pornography," she said. "I have even helped make some marriages very nice."
The last quote was a little more information than I needed.

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