Thursday, September 22, 2005

Too many pigs for the teats.

In a letter I recently sent to my Congressman, I explained that the people in his district sent a Republican to Washington to keep a lid on wasteful spending. I didn't find any pork projects in my district, yet. If there are, I will publicize them, count on it.

Dear Representative Herger,

Let me first say that I live in your district and have supported you on many issues. I read the statement you and 25 other Representatives sent to President Bush on the 21st of this month. While I applaud your sentiment to curtail spending due to the rebuilding cost of the gulf coast areas, I believe it is your duty as an elected representative to find the 'pork' in the bills the Congress passes. You should have a "Top 10 pork projects" area on your website to shame these members of Congress, Democrat and Republican alike into cutting these pet projects. The people of your district sent a Republican to the Congress to keep a lid on wasteful spending. I am having a hard time telling my 12 year old son that Republicans are the party of fiscal constraint. Lead the way Representative Herger.

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