Friday, September 16, 2005

The ultimate in media bias.

The ultimate has to be when you are an 'independent journalist' but your second job is an Al Qaeda terrorist.
Spain's High Court ordered the re-arrest on Friday of Al Jazeera journalist Tayseer Alouni and another defendant who had been freed for health reasons during a trial of 24 alleged al Qaeda members.

A court official said Alouni and Jamal Hussein were arrested in the southern city of Granada because they were considered a flight risk. They are due to appear before the High Court in Madrid on Monday where their bail will be formally revoked.

The High Court is expected to announce its verdict in Europe's biggest trial of suspected Islamist militants by September 26 at the earliest, the court official said.

Alouni and Hussein are accused of belonging to a terrorist group and could face nine years in prison if convicted. Both say they are innocent.

The pay and dental plan are better working for Al Jazeera, but the getting to attack the Great Satan is just something that started more as a hobby.

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