Sunday, September 25, 2005

What is this Yolo?

Yolo County is where I call home. It is a very interesting place to be sure. The history dates back to 1850, when California became a state, it was one of the original 27 Counties. Home to Woodland, Davis, Winters and West Sacramento.

Yolo County is a slice of America, while geographically the majority is red, there is one town in the county that is cobalt blue. The city of Davis, home to the University of California Davis. It is a island of liberal utopian ideology surrounded by a sea of rural farmers, ranchers and regular folks that would love nothing more than to have Davis secede from the County.

From big city culture to rural history you can find it all here.

In Yolo County you can;
See a play at the Woodland Opera House, established in 1885.
Stay at a bed in breakfast in the beautiful Capay Valley.
Sample some award wining wines at one of our local vineyards.
Take a white water trip down Cache Creek.
Visit a real working cattle ranch and take a tour of its rolling hills and cattle range.
Take the family out for a day of great fishing and water sports at Lake Berryessa.
Visit the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts on the UCD campus.
Eat at a great steakhouse.
Watch the River Cats win the PCL AAA title.
Spend a day at one of the last free County Fairs in California.

I could go on and on, but I am not getting paid to be the Yolo County Visitors Bureau. (that may be a good idea)

50 minutes from San Francisco, 50 minutes from Sacramento and I still can look at my cows from my back deck. Not bad at all.

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