Thursday, September 01, 2005

One man, doing what he can

I just spoke with Pastor Darryl Johnson of the Walk of Faith Church in Mound Bayou, Mississippi.

He told me the church made it through the Hurricane, Mound Bayou is inland and his congregation is holding up well. In the few minutes we spoke he told me that Walk of Faith Church is taking in refugees from coastal cities and his own home is filled with as many displaced people as it can hold. God Bless those folks in need, and those who are opening their hearts and homes to them.

Pastor Johnson is truly a compassionate man dealing with a tragedy the best way he knows how, appealing to God and getting things done. He said that he is organizing a trip into the more rural areas of Mississippi to help however he can. He says that there are dozens of small, isolated rural towns that are well off the freeways. The large rescue efforts are going into the most populated cities, it is just a logistic fact, they can save more people in a shorter amount of time if they concentrate their rescue efforts there. You can bet that the same tragedies in the cities are being played out on a smaller scale in hundreds of small farm towns in Mississippi and Louisiana. Those people must feel abandoned and all alone.

I asked what I could do to help him and his church with their efforts. I didn't even finish the question when he said "keep us in your prayers", I asked what items he needed to help those with nothing but the clothes on their backs, he was almost embarrassed to ask for financial help. "We need water and food and blankets and everything else" I told him that is seems the best way to get the items he needs is to send money rather than ship the clothes and blankets. He said whatever I could send him would be greatly appreciated and would go along way right now. He said his congregation is giving as much as they can.

I am mailing him a check today, he is one person, among thousands who are making a critical difference right now. I am keeping him and his congregation in my prayers.

Walk of Faith Church
PO Box 3
Mound Bayou, MS 38762

Pastor Darryl Johnson


pappy said...

Its good to hear stories of individuals like this and help them if you can, thanks

Roseville Conservative said...

Thanks for the Post!