Friday, September 16, 2005

A great job for Cindy Sheehan.

Vice President of Venezuela. Cindy can stand beside Hugo Chavez and demand that the US military get out of their hemisphere.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez says he has documentary evidence the United States plans to invade his country.

Chavez, interviewed on Saturday on US television's Nightline, said the plan is called "Balboa" and involves aircraft carriers and planes. A transcript of the interview was made available by Nightline.

He said US soldiers recently went to Curacao, an island off Venezuela's north-west coast. He described as a "lie" the official US explanation that they visited Curacao for rest and recreation.

"They were doing movements. They were doing manoeuvres," Chavez said, speaking through a translator.

He added: "We are coming up with the counter-Balboa plan. That is to say if the government of the United States attempts to commit the foolhardy enterprise of attacking us, it would be embarked on a 100-year war. We are prepared."

A 100 minute war would be more like it Hugo.

Two precision guided bombs through your bathroom window should bring the war with Venezuela to a quick end.

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The Angle of Repose said...

We have neglected Latin America since the fall of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua and the Grenada invasion. We thought things were just fine, that democracy has been taking root, but trouble has been brewing below the surface. We need to deal with Chavez.

And it would be sweet to have Castro die violently, a guided missile crashing through his bedroom ceiling, rather than him dying peacefully in his sleep - simple justice for a man who created so much misery. Plus the howls from the Left - Danny Glover, Noam Chomsky - would be music to the ears.