Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Grenades don't kill people, stupid bureaucrats do.

From the what the *&$# were you thinking department;

A hand grenade kept as a souvenir from Lebanon's civil war exploded in a Kuwaiti government office as a worker played with it, killing the man and injuring two other people.

The dead and injured were all Lebanese employees of the Kuwaiti Information Office. Ayas al-Alayli, 36, took the grenade from a shelf and threw it to the floor to show Mirna Mugharbel, a secretary, that it would not explode, an employee in the office said.

It was unclear why the grenade was kept in the office, but the Kuwaiti ambassador told reporters it had been there for more than two years.

Next time you want a souvenir, take a picture.

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Roseville Conservative said...

This is some funny stuff... I don't know where you found this, but I will lay odds that it shows up in the Darwin Awards.

BTW: Yolo Cowboy --- Ten Gallon Hat Tip to 'ya...