Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The power of words.

Michael Ackley's column is a great piece on how the media subtly changes a few words to send the reader the message they want.
Anyway, let us look at some examples of word choice in post-hurricane reporting
last week: A CBS radio report said President Bush 'conceded'
that relief efforts had not gone well and 'admitted' more help was needed.
Now, the reporter should have used the less colorful 'said' for the quoted words. For the former implies Bush had taken the opposite view and the latter implies a
confession of error. Neither was accurate


Roseville Conservative said...


It is scary how much we think alike... that has been my issue with the MSM all along.

They massage words in order to elicit a reaction from their readers... hidden under a thin veil of objectivity.

At least you and I are intellectually honest with what we write.

Roseville Conservative said...

BTW: as a fellow Man of Faith, I salute the fact that your profile boldly states that you are seeking God. I look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon!