Friday, September 30, 2005

Screw the Kyoto Treaty eh.

Do you feel the warm breeze coming from the North? The cause has been determined to be the hot air that the Canadians have been blowing our way. It seem that while our neighbors to the North have been preaching how Canada is leading the way in the fight against greenhouse gases and global warming, they have been doing nothing about it. They do seem to have a lot of ribbon cutting ceremonies, but they just can't get their giant socialist bureaucracy to change.

"They're constantly praising themselves. Why aren't they cleaning the air? We couldn't breathe this summer. [It was the] worst smog season ever and yet you've got the Liberals out there saying that we're the champions of the environment and the best that you're going to find globally."

Layton - no fan of President Bush - said the U.S. president "has a better record when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions than Canada. That to me summarizes it for Canadians

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Roseville Conservative said...

There you go YC... Good post again.

You are on a roll!