Monday, September 19, 2005

Topic A with Tina Brown or monkeys throwing spaghetti at each other-

Which would you rather watch?

If you look at Brown's ratings, a strong case could be made for the pasta throwing chimps. But she's not bitter. When the left fails, they slam FOX, or at least Rupert Murdoch.
Friends and colleagues were all floored in 1998 when he suddenly dispatched Anna, his second wife of 31 years, with breathtaking speed, fired her from the News Corp. board and married a 32-year-old go-getter, Wendi Deng. Anna, it's said, had wanted Rupert to ease down the work drive. Rather than change his life, he changed his wife, a familiar pattern in other moguls but surprising for the famously uxorious Rupert.
Today, a fox executive had this great line back to Brown.
"Tina Brown discussing ratings is like Courtney Love dispensing advice on how to stay sober -- neither one knows how to achieve it." Brown's show scratched 52 times out of 66 episodes during her 15 month run on CNBC --

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