Sunday, September 11, 2005

A day in the life of a nation.

We can remember where we were when we first saw the terrible images of the North Tower trailing a line of black smoke across the Manhattan skyline. Was this an accident? Was it a small plane or a airliner? Then the images of flight 175 smashing into the South Tower.

We were under attack. Then the smoke cloud coming from the Pentagon and word that a fourth plane was squawking the highjack code. That plane was later driven into the ground in Pennsylvania.

We were under attack. Not from the rock throwing, flag burning, 'death to America' cowards you see on TV, but a real enemy who has the time, planning and resolve to take American lives on American soil.

Like all Americans, I look on 9/11 as a terrible tragedy. I didn't know anyone who died in the attacks and while I grieved for those lost and prayed for those they left behind, I hoped that the nation would finally wake up to the fact that there are people who want us dead, not just Republicans or Christians, but all Americans right down to your little dog.

As time has passed the grief faded and the resolve was dissipated into a something less. It reminded me of a person who had a mild heart attack. He suddenly found God, the love of his family and the will to change his bad habits. He watched his diet, quit smoking and bought some comfortable walking shoes for those daily trips around his block.

Then something amazing happens, after a few years with no other heart trouble, he doesn't see the harm in a few beers and pizza with the guys a few times a week. Those walking shoes, well they were really ugly and it's been too hot to walk lately. He only smokes a half a pack a day. The closeness to his family has been replaced by the old feelings of jealousy and blame from the past. He hasn't gone to church for a few years now and doesn't know where his Bible is, let alone bringing his troubles to the Lord in prayer.

In a word, he is in denial. He won't visit the doctor because he doesn't want to hear what the doctor has to say. He wants to live his life just like he did before the heart attack. Oblivious to the threat to his life. Maybe he will have a mild chest pain and go see the doctor before it's too late or the last thing he sees maybe the horrified look of his family as he lies on the floor clutching his chest.

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Roseville Conservative said...

I went to Church Today in my American Flag shirt with an American Flag Bandana on...

I take pause at the bloveations of a party full of power whores that will say anything to win an election.