Wednesday, September 28, 2005

PETA - People Entertaining Their Audience

They should be a dance troop or street art performers, but protesting mulesing, cmon.
Maybe the PETA folks should have to treat a maggot infected sheep or bury those who die from the terrible infections caused by flystrike. By the way, they want to protest Austrailian live sheep exports.
Half-naked, blood-covered PETA protesters have resumed their campaign against the wool industry outside the Australian embassy in the US capital, Washington.

PETA is again urging international retailers to boycott Australian wool as part of its campaign against the practice of mulesing, where some of the skin is removed from the sheep's backside to prevent flystrike.

PETA is also campaigning against the live export of sheep.

Organiser Christy Griffin says the PETA activists have not been shy about making their point.