Friday, September 30, 2005

'The Donald' is a sissy compared to this guy.

Your Fired, and I am going to feed you to a pride of lions.

This is like a scene out of Casino.
Scott-Crossley, 37, sacked Nelson Chisale after the two men disagreed over work at his farm in the north-eastern Limpopo province.

The court at Phalaborwa heard that when Mr Chisale returned to collect his belongings he suffered a prolonged assault by Scott-Crossley and two farm workers.

Scott-Crossley, Simon Mathebula and the third man, who will be sentenced later, then bound Mr Chisale and drove him to Hoedspruit, near the Kruger National Park, where rare white lions are bred. They threw the blood-soaked man into the enclosure where he was set on by a pride of lions. All that remained of Mr Chisale were his skull, ribs and a single finger.

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