Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tammnay Hall on K Street

As the Governor of our State is doing battle against the 'Axis of Moonbats', Don Perata, Fabian Nunuez, Jackie Speier and the gang under the dome, he has been fighting a defensive strategy since early this spring.

The Governor is now shifting into campaign mode, as the special election is about 60 days away.
Good for him.
"Clearly, we're organizing our forces here," Mike Murphy, Schwarzenegger's chief political strategist, said in an interview last week. "We're going to make a major effort and we're going to win."

Today the Democrats throw one of their own under the bus to pressure Schwarzenegger to approve drivers licenses for Illegal Aliens.
The Democratic legislators are going to have to explain why they took out a competent, Democratic ... director purely because they are focused on getting this driver's license bill for undocumented workers," Thompson said. "It's a prime example of Democratic lawmakers playing politics as opposed to focusing on good public policy
The Governor will veto the gay marriage bill , saying that it went against the will of the people as they clearly showed in prop 22.
"We cannot have a system where the people vote and the Legislature derails that vote," the governor's press secretary, Margita Thompson, said in a statement. "Out of respect for the will of the people, the governor will veto (the bill)."

Again, good for him.

His threatened veto of Lois Wolk's bill AB 1328 forced Wolk to pull it back for an additional 30 days consideration. Hooray for Ahnold.
The governor had apparently requested Wolk pull the bill under threat of veto. Schwarzenegger took the action after apparently meeting with Yolo County Republican insiders, who have been opposed to the legislation.


fetching jen said...

Good for Ahnold. I want to see the vetos and the ensuing fight!


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YC... Good Stuff!

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