Friday, September 09, 2005

Democrats, take back your party, please.

I was watching the news last night with my 7th grade son. Nancy Pelosi was in full Moonbat mode blaming the President for anything and everything that has happened or has not happened in the Gulf Coast region. He asked the question, "are all Democrats bad?"
Good question.

I explained that at one time, the Democratic Party stood for things that made America great, but that was long ago. I told him that historically Democrats want to spend more on welfare than defense and want the government to be as large and in control of as much as possible in your daily life. That being said, the old Democratic party wanted the best for America, they may have disagreed with Republicans on how to get there, but they strived toward a common goal. American leadership and dominance in the world.

What a difference 30 years make.

I give you the New Democratic Party, it's leader, Howard Dean - 'Grand Wizard Moonbat'
My point is that John Roberts has a record. John Roberts appears to be a wonderful, decent family person. But again, we get back to the question about whether you really care, and whether you really have compassion. It's not enough to say you care. It's what you've done. John Roberts' legal career has been about taking away every protection for young girls and women who want to participate in sports, for African-Americans and Hispanics who want the equal, same right to vote as everybody else, for taking away from women who believe they should determine what health care they have, instead of having politicians do it. His entire legal career appears to be about making sure those folks don't have the same rights everybody else does. That's probably not the right thing to do, two weeks after a disaster, where certain members of society clearly did not have the same protections that everybody else did, because of their circumstances. Americans are fair people, and they want a sense of justice. I know Judge Roberts loves the law. I'm not sure he loves the American people.

"I do not think that this president cares about everybody in America".

I know there are millions of center left Democrats who think that President Bush is doing a terrible job. That's fine, but they don't think he is Hitler, or that he wants only poor black people to die in a natural disaster. They think that although John Roberts wouldn't be their first choice, he is a good man and is an extremely qualified justice. They don't like the war in Iraq but they understand that we are there now, and we can't cut and run. We must win this war on the enemies turf. These people used to be the backbone and voice of the Democratic Party, no longer.

The Moveon, Code Pink, Sean Penn, Michael Moore liberal extremists have hi-jacked your party. Please take it back so we can have a thoughtful debate about the issues that face our great nation. Who knows, you may even win an election now and again.


SactoDan said...

I have a 12 year old son, and he notices this as well.

fetching jen said...

Cowboy, my 16-year old son is so repulsed with liberal politics that he got involved at school and is the President of the Young Republicans. Keep your son interested and he'll do something about it.


pappy said...

Sidney Blumenthal even reports that The United Nations special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa accused the Bush administration of responsibility for a condom shortage in Uganda. In his hit piece Bush gets blamed for Katrina, no condoms in Uganda and global warming.

Roseville Conservative said...

Please e-mail me the code for that WWII thing you have on your blog...


YC, you nail it every time you post... I hope that you check out my blog every now and then...