Monday, September 26, 2005

Paid to go out on strike, by you!

You want to strike? Great. You want me to pay for you to go on strike? Go pound sand.
Only Democrats could come up with this.
AB 391 by Assemblymember Koretz (D-West Hollywood) would force employers to pay unemployment benefits to employees that choose to strike. The legislation would allow striking workers to still receive unemployment checks even though they are employed, thus requiring taxpayers to fund the union?s strikes. "

The unions would no longer be forced to have "strike fund", they would be able to buy more legislators to pass these type of bills. Imagine, those who continue to work for a company where other workers refuse to work, forced to pay for the folks on strike.

If you don't like your contract, or don't like the coffee facilities or your boss, don't quit, go on strike and still get paid. Oh, if the company fires you for failure to show up for work, then the government will fine the company for expecting its employees to work. What a great deal, for the workers on strike, not the consumers, not the honest workers (honest that they either stay or go without being subsidized by the taxpayers for their views).

The principle here is a simple one. workers should have the right to voluntarily join a union. Employers should have the right to hire those they believe to be the most qualified personnel. If they agree, a contract can be entered into defining pay, benefits and working conditions. If the employer doesn't like the agreement, they shouldn't sign. If they sign, they should live up to the terms.

The union shouldn't sign an agreement they don't like. If they sign it, the union needs to live by the terms.


SactoDan said...

So much for even the pretense of working.

pappy said...

Can we drive even more bussiness from the state?