Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tina Brown gives Bill Clinton a editorial Lewinski.

Relieved from the necessity of guarding cities and particular points, important but not vital to our defense; with an army free to move from point to point and strike in detail the garrisons and detachments of the enemy; operating in the interior of our own country, where supplies are more accessible and where the fore will be far removed from his own base and cut off from all succor in case of reverse, nothing is now needed to render our triumph certain but the exhibition of our own unquenchable resolve.
Jefferson Davis, after the fall of Richmond, April 5th 1865.

I am not sure why this statement struck me, but it did. I filled in a few new words and come up with this.

Relieved from the necessity of hosting a show that had less than a 1% share on most nights, Tina Brown is free to move about liberal circles and rub elbows with the Hollywood elite, striking blows against all things Bush. Nothing is now needed to render our liberal triumph but another Hurricane to blame on Bush and more dead US soldiers. Oh, and our unquenchable resolve to have Bill Clinton back in a position of power.

This is idol worship at it's liberal worst.

To be sure, Clinton, the big intellectual showoff, had never been less than brilliant on his feet, but he never knew when to stop. And all that promiscuous lateral thinking ended up sucking the air out of the room. We got so tired of his lack of discipline that by 2000 we thought we were ready for a presidency that operated by assertion. Five years later we see what that's brought.

Clinton seems to have found his role as facilitator-in-chief, urging us to give up our deadly national passivity and start thinking things through for ourselves. Commandeering the role of government through civic action suddenly feels like a very empowering notion -- the alternative being to find oneself stranded in a flood waving a shirt from a rooftop.

She is a hack, pure and simple.


fetching jen said...

Rush called it an editorial Lap Dance!

The adoration the left shows stars and certain leftie politicians is repulsive. Can't they see that it's nothing more than being star struck like a love-sick teenage girl?

Roseville Conservative said...

OUUUUCH!!! I am busting a gut!!!